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A website, UNDER CONSTRUCTION, to celebrate Clive Hole's Life

Remarkable Clive (not of India)

Thank you Rita for the title.
A possible series of books exploring Clive's remarkable life and adventures.

This section of the website is where I will be attempting to write a book, taken from Clive's sailing logs. The aim is to take the words he wrote after every trip and expand on them, to create a serious, book filled with humour and tales of some of his many adventures. It will be aimed at all age groups and not just for those interested in sailing.

You too can help me write this book, should the feeling and mood take you, by adding comments, insight and corrections as the book grows. I will be adding photographs as we proceed.

Please note that this is done in my free time and will not necessarily be completed very quickly. call back as and when you feel like it.

Remarkable Clive (not of India)
Wayfarer Adventures

Other information

Interesting facts collected for future books: