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A website, UNDER CONSTRUCTION, to celebrate Clive Hole's Life

Some words about Clive

Isle of Skye sailing expedition -  by: Paul Dickson
Talkin Tarn A.R.C. -  by: Mike Dodd
coaching masters women -  by: Gabrielle Moore
Dedication to the cause -  by: shirley ann robinson
Break In and Fall Out -  by: Simon Thomson
Is it ET? -  by: shirley ann robinson
Animals in the boat -  by: shirley robinson
He did it his way -  by: John Wennington
Interesting Catering -  by: Paul Rutter
Generosity -  by: Roger Bean
Clive Arrives at Durham School -  by: Gordon Woods
Sir Clive -  by: Keni Mayes
Clive helmed us his way -  by: Keni Mayes
Get out of the way bunnies! -  by: Mick Seed
A Chat with Clive -  by: Jane Kemp
A little bit of mischief -  by: John Everett
Hello John got a new motor? -  by: John Everett
Sights for Sore Eyes -  by: John Everett
Stop that Car! -  by: Simon Thomson
Someone even rode a bicycle on the river. -  by: Simon Thomson
Generosity  -  by: Freddie
The Trot -  by: Simon Thomson
The snowhole -  by: Stuart Wilson
Taking the plunge! -  by: John Everett
Tickled Pink -  by: John Everett
Mountaineering -  by: John Everett
Out on the hills -  by: Stuart Wilson
Clive -  by: Simon Thomson
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